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Opting for a traditional photo booth? Check out a new open-air photo station instead!

Did you know there is an article on Wikipedia about the “selfie?” Apparently the word first appeared on an Australian forum back in 2002, even though the concept of taking self portraits dates back to the early 1900’s (when the first hand held cameras were introduced).

Luckily, there is no hand holding required on the Picture Yourselfie photo station . . . just grab an awesome prop, jump in front of the camera and give it your best cheese or duck face!

Thankfully, Matt and Denise, the dynamic duo bringing Picture Yourselfie to the Chicago wedding scene, are offering a fantastic alternative to the standard wedding photobooth.

Matt and Denise moved quickly into the wedding arena after opening their business mid-2017. With their unique concept, Brides and grooms can now opt for the sleek design of an open-air photo station. Gone are the days of the

monstrous black curtain taking up too much space in your reception.

And you can say adios to those traditional cheap dollar store props! Denise, having a background in Music and Theater, has a special affinity for unique props. She carefully selects and customizes the props based on the event’s theme. Just this week, Denise has been out picking up lassos, cowboy hats and horseshoes for an upcoming Rodeo themed party. Yee-haw!

Customization is key for today’s couple and with the Picture Yourselfie station, the bride and groom can customize the backdrop to fit their theme, as well as the graphics on the print. Better than customization though is instant gratification! Picture Yourselfie raises the bar, and users can expect their lab quality prints in just 8 seconds.

So for the bride and groom looking for a cool favor for their guests, opt for photos from the Picture Yourselfie station. It’s an awesome way to capture memories for your special day!

The best part is that Matt and Denise are super fun to work with. They truly enjoy what they do and it shows! If you want to meet them and check out this cool photo “un”booth, they will be exhibiting at the Wilder Mansion bridal show Sunday, March 18th from 11-1.


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